Welcome! My name is Anna.


I dedicate my life to the question of how people learn best –and what it takes to grow into our highest potential, as individuals, groups and society. 

I design learning processes for both teenagers and adults. All of my projects involve the participants minds, bodies and emotions as I am convinced that this is the most effective way to learn. No matter if you are planning a conference, a workshop or an online project: the more integral the experience, the more your participants will actually benefit from it.

I offer a special expertise in digital native consumer culture as well as in the field of personal growth and life coaching. My favourite question at the moment combines both: How can we use technology to become better human beings? To deeply dive into this matter, I co-founded the organisation HeartWire, which explores the potential of Virtual Reality, biofeedback and other transcendence technologies in educational settings.

I am based in Berlin and work fluently in German, English, Spanish and French.