I was born and grew up in Madrid in 1982, graduated from school in Bonn and studied Linguistics and Political Sciences in Bayreuth, Lille and Grenoble (France).

From 2009 to 2015 I worked for UFA and UFALAB, Germany’s market leader in program creation and its digital studio and creative hub in Berlin. I produced and lead many successful and not so successful video projects in the field of journalism and online education. For the more successful ones, my team and I were awarded several renowned German prices, such as Civis Online Media Prize or Grimme Online Award.

From April to December 2015 I lived in Santiago de Chile to study Ontological Coaching with Minerva Gebran, who to me is one of THE masters in the field. Ever since, I have been working as a freelance consultant and facilitator with different partners and am also working as Coach in one on one sessions and intensive seminars / retreats.

In January 2018 my partner and I founded the organisation HeartWire which aims at innovating the way we collectively communicate and learn about the world. We partner with organisations such as WWF, Save The Children or Robert Bosch Foundation and recently received a grant from Grimme Institut and University of Cologne to design an experiential scientific approach on the question of transformational communication by using cutting edge technologies such as Virtual and augmented Reality, biofeedback or AI interaction.

My education is constant: In 2016, I enrolled in trainings with Medicine Woman Daphna Mavor on the Wisdom of the Chakras as well as with Tav Sparks on Holotropic Breathwork. In 2017 I started training with Jörg Fuhrmann, transpersonal psychologist, and certified from module one as a mental trainer.   

I am a passionate Yoguini. Kundalini Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga have become my most important paths for self study and contemplation. My secret pleasure is dancing to Techno music, my secret books are on Christian mysticism. I am happily in love with the most amazing man living on this planet, speak German, Spanish, French and English fluently and am based in Berlin.

Please check my Linked In profile for more detailed info on my professional career or contact me directly.