I work at the intersection of extra curricular education, online technologies and human development with a special interest in the needs of young adults. My mission is to help develop projects, workshops and events that truly make a difference to the participants. I like smart, surprising, engaging and fun ideas that actually teach all people involved something new about the world or themselves. I like projects that are done with love.  



I counsel organisations that are looking to adapt to new (online) realitites, helping them to define their identity and vision as well as developing a communicational strategy.    


event facilitator

I lead and facilitate groups in event and workshop settings. My approach is as participatory and hands on as possible: the more your participants actually experiences things with their whole body, the more they will take away from your event.  


ontological COACH

I design multi-day seminars involving body, heart and mind to help both adults and teenagers grow into their fullest potential. Topics vary from emotional intelligence to young entrepreneurship.