Ontological Coach

I certified as Ontological Coach at the international school Asersentido in Chile in 2015 after nine months of intense (self-)study. Ever since, I use the ontological framework and methodology to design "alternative educational experiences" for both groups of teenagers and adults. We cannot protect young generations from the challenges laying ahead of them – but we can help them discover their own potential to better face them. We may not be able to change the circumstances outside of ourselves – but we are very well able to change the circumstances inside.  Everything else will happen on its own. 


soft skills for the future

I create and co-create seminars with befriended trainers on the development of entrepreneurial spirit, self esteem, love speech (as opposed to hate speech) and ontological questions. 


the power of the (peer) group 

We have everything we need inside of ourselves and yet often we lack mentors who help us see our own potential. The trainings I design follow that aim. I highly believe in the power of group processes as well as radical truth-telling – the more openly we exchange with each other, the more we will learn about ourselves. 


learn with body, heart and mind. 

Ontological Coaching works with all three areas of human existence – language, emotions and body – in an utmost creative way. My trainings take the participants out of their cognitive mind and bring them to a level of experience where they can feel things before understanding them intellectually. The underlying premise is that any behavioural or communicational pattern (f.ex. trust, self esteem, tolerance, etc.) can be learned or un-learned more or less easily. Most of my trainings are designed and held in cooperation with coaches and trainers from other disciplines.