Educational Innovator

I am convinced that online technologies, used in enlightened ways, bear the potential to make our living all together more human because they create space. The internet surpasses us by large in its ability to archive, process and structure information – and carves out room and time for us to turn to the more human areas of life: Thinking. Connecting. Understanding. Creating. My educational concepts, both for teenagers and adults, don't separate online from offline. They rather ask: What is it machines canNOT do – and evolve around a possible answer to that question. To me, "going digital" in education does not mean using digital tools while sticking to the same teaching methods. It rather means looking at new possibilities and challenges that come with technologies. What if the role of the teacher slowly becomes the role of a mentor and role model, now that information can be taught and learned online? What if the skills that we all need in 2017 – and that cannot be taught by machines! – have more to do with education of the hearts than with education of the minds? How can we as a society react to the challenges that come with the use of online technologies such as manipulated information, hate speech, etc.? And what kind of education do we need in order to deal with a future that looks highly frightening due to climate change, terror, war, water and food shortages, etc.? 



I am interested in creating learning experiences that involve body, mind, heart and soul as I am convinced that when these four elements come together, real transformation is possible. I am passionately exploring the potential and limits of Virtual Reality technologies at the moment, offering workshops on the matter to organisations looking to positively impact our future.



In German we distinguish between "Erlebnis" and "Erfahrung" – once an Erlebnis (experience) is evaluated and interpreted with care, it can transform into an Erfahrung (experience) which then has the potential to affect our whole system, both individually and collectively. I see many "Erlebnisse" in (digital) education – and little possibility to turn them into a sustainable learning experience. Thus everything I do follows that aim. 



All of my projects include didactics (mind) as well as en experiential and an emotional part (body and heart), no matter whether we are talking about an online project, a virtual reality concept or an offline seminar. Depending on the project, I work with a network of friends from different fields such as VR, art, psychology, game design, social video, etc. Please get in touch for more information.